Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First time post!

Hi ladies...I wanted to start this blog for a number of reason...Since I have lost my job, we have had to make some financial cut backs...therefore, I am always looking for ways to save money! So what I am going to do is try to post something saving tips, or girlfriend tips that will be I will not be posting any names that I get the information from...
SO my first tip of the day is...we spend so much money on hair products...shampoo for $21.99? Well, I was at BJ's the other day and thought I would try their shampoo...for the same size as the name brand (which I will not mention) I paid $4.99! Yes $4.99! My hair feels amazing and smells wonderful! On my next trip, I will be picking up the conditioner! SO that is my tip for the day...You don't always have to have the name brand for the same results!
Please tell your girlfriends about this blog...I hope it will be fun and a site you will come back to! You are always welcome to leave a comment!!!

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  1. I just found myself downsized saving bucks is (though always has been) a priority for me :)

    This is a great idea!


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